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We believe in going with Christians across the Americas to change our world together. LAM works through a global network of Latin-led, Christ-centered partner ministries.


Bob and Katie Van Zyl

Bob and Katie have served as missionaries in Colombia, South America for 34 years, first as Bible translators for the Camsá people in the Southern Andean region of Colombia and more recently as consultants and trainers with members of over 40 other indigenous communities, as well as various deaf communities in the Americas.  They currently work under Latin America Mission (LAM) in cooperation with Wycliffe Bible Translators/SIL and “Manos en Acción” (a ministry with the deaf in Colombia).  Bob is also serving as Sign Language Coordinator for the Americas Area under WBT/SIL.  Bob’s principal ministry activity is working as a Bible translation consultant for three Colombian sign language translation teams, in addition to traveling to other countries in the Americas to assist and train sign language translators there. As time permits, he also serves as a translation consultant for several indigenous translation teams. Katie is a literacy and Scripture Use specialist who dedicates her time to assisting indigenous Christian leaders in the design, creation, production and implementation of Christian and educational materials and other literature in their languages for use in their schools and churches. She is also mentoring several Colombians who are training to become literacy consultants, and is working on the final revision of the Camsá-Spanish Bilingual Dictionary.  Bob and Katie have two daughters, Amy and Katie Anne, and 3 granddaughters. Amy and her husband and daughters Isabella (4) and Sofia (6 months) live in Boston, and Katie Anne and daughter Laura (age 3) live with Bob and Katie in Bogota.